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Vulcano Etna
The highest active volcano in Europe

.... Unique for its peculiarities and for ease of use with our tours you will have the opportunity to VISIT this wonder of nature along the bends of the road "mareneve" reach the largest pine forest of the v...
Fiumefreddo (Nature and movie)

...apyrus in the natural reserve of Fiumefreddo, with its icy waters and timid trout. Then we’ll VISIT the “Castle of the Slaves”, where some of the scenes for the famous film “The Godfat...
Etna-Alcantara (Fire and Water)

We travel across two nature parks: Etna and Alcantara. We will VISIT the lava river banks of the Alcantara river and, on Etna, a lava grotto and “Provenzana” ...
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