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Etna-Alcantara (Fire and Water)

We travel across two nature parks: Etna and Alcantara. We will visit the lava RIVER banks of the Alcantara river and, on Etna, a lava grotto and “Provenzana” Plain (Linguagl...
Trota d'Argento
Qualitätszeichen Naturpark Parco Alcantara

Etna Valley Farm gewann Mark Naturpark Qualität - "Trota d'Argento" aus Alcantara RIVER Park freigelassen.
Fiume Alcantara (Blue waters)

We will visit some of the most picturesque areas of the Alcantara RIVER‘s natural park. The famous and steep Alcantara gorges and the small lakes of Grava, Gurne. ...
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